In our loving memory

Ai-Sakkaku Goma No Yukimigata

Vleuten 17-08-1997 -Vleuten 24-05-2012

R.I.P. My dear Queen. You will be always in our hearts. Thank you for the great time we had together. You made us proud on what we have reached. We have been together all over Europe. From every exposition to the highest mountain tops. You were so strong until the last breath you took. But finally you have find peace.

Sayonora Multi Champion Ai-Sakkaku Goma No Yukimigata

Vleuten 17-08-1997 - Vleuten 24-05-2012


Onyx Del Biagio

Fano 06/05/1999  -  Vleuten 17/11/2011

Multi Champion Daikibo No Yukimigata

Vleuten 01/06/2000  -  Vleuten 25/10/2011

Father Sakunik Del Biagio / Mother Hisby Del Biagio


Our big boy has passed the rainbow bridge. Rest in peace our dear beloved friend.
You will be for always in our hearts.
You gave us so much joy, happiness and fame.
Thank you for every moment that we spent together.
Our many trips all over Europe: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, French, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and a lot of times in Italy.
Your spirit will live further in all your children, grand-children, grand grand-children...


Sayonara Daiki!