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Haglöfs have been making outdoor equipment since 1914. This gives them experience in this area achieved by very few. They are one of the oldest outdoor equipment companies in Scandinavia and the lessons they have learned over the years are invaluable to their present development of new products.

The first backpacks made by Victor Haglöf were designed to meet requirements for the high quality needed to withstand a hard life in the forests of Scandinavia.

Functionality and quality have prevailed as the company's guiding stars ever since. They are responsible for equipping people who invest in an active outdoor life and they do not release products unless they satisfy the high standards of both themselves and their customers.

Consequently they are now proud to say that Haglöfs is the largest outdoor equipment brand name in Scandinavia.

One good reason being that they offer a complete range of high technology clothing. shoes. sleeping bags, backpacks. tents and accessories.

Another being that all they make is manufactured in the best materials available. They work only with the very top suppliers. However, you will best discover the final stamp of their success when you begin to use their products. This is when you will discover what the end user is paying for: the Haglöfs feeling. This is why we are so proud to have them support for our heavy outdoor activities with our dogs.

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Haglöfs - outstanding outdoor equipment

Haglöfs Nederland
De Kwekerij 5, 1921 EZ Akersloot
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