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Dale is a small village in Western Norway surrounded by towering mountains. In 1879 Peter Jebsen saw the possibilities provided by the village's natural waterfall on the Dale river, and founded a textile mill, later known as "Dale of Norway". Ever since 1879 Dale of Norway has been producing high quality products. Today they are the largest manufacturer of traditional Norwegian knitwear.

Dale of Norway remains close to nature, and utilises pure new Norwegian wool as the main constituent of its high quality knitwear. In the Dale factory, the wool is processed through every stage of production. They buy the raw wool, wash it in clear mountain water and spin it into strong, stable yarn that they make into exclusive knitwear. For 120 years Dale of Norway has emphasised the importance of controlling every step of the production process, ensuring the high standard of quality for wich Dale of Norway's knitwear is known for.


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Their knitwear is created using traditional Norwegian patterns and designs, combined with details and coloring taken from modern influences. With a Dale of Norway garments a unique blend of design and fine craftsmanship is assured. It is an investment in nature's highest quality, to be enjoyed for years to come





Dale of Norway is synonymous with winter sporting excellence. From their first sweater created for the Norwegian National Ski Teams in 1956, they have been committed to offering the finest garments for world class athletes and all who they inspire. This tradition has since involved and now encompasses the United States Ski and Snowboard Teams, the Canadian Alpine Ski Team, and the United States Olympic Team.





Dale of Norway is committed to the development of Olympic athletes and the cultivation of Olympic spirit around the world. While their garments have been created for the world's finest athletes, they are proud to offer the very same sweaters and accessories to winter sports enthusiasts of all abilities and aspirations.


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These photo's were taken during our vacation in Norway Januari 2002. We both wear a Dronning Maud Sport Sweater. Dale Sport sweaters are made for active sport and leisure wear. The Dronning Maud Sport Sweater is lined with Dale PolarwindŽ lining making the sweater 100% windproof yet highly breathable. The sweater is made of 100% pure new wool.

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